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about me

Stephanie White

Certified EFT Master, TFT Advanced 



I'm Stephanie. Welcome to Tapping Into Balance where we come together for relief from anxiety and stress. I bring over 30 years of training and experience to my work with adults, adolescents, and children.

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I have an extensive background as a Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner,  Advanced Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, Self Empowerment Coach, Neurofeedback Practitioner and a Special Education Teacher. You're probably here because you are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety and you want some help to change that and get relief. I'm passionate about bringing brilliant, easy and above all, effective techniques that you can use on a daily basis to start to reduce, manage and break free from the anxiety and stress in your life. I am committed to providing a supportive haven to my clients through my experience, vision, focus and empathy with my uniquely individualized, integrated approach. My mission is for my clients to live a fuller, healthier life with greater ease and joy, and to thrive. If you're ready for a change from living with anxiety, fear, overwhelm or stress and want to experience peace and well-being please contact me. This transformation is yours to experience.


my wish for you

I wish for you to have the personal experience of relief from what has been causing you distress. I'd love the opportunity to help you release your anxiety and stress to allow your body to move back into a state of balance (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually). When I meet with you, I am able to see you as already stress free; whole. I am the travel guide on your personal journey of self discovery, self empowerment, self healing. My role is to educate and inform you of what has always been available to you. I am merely the guide.

"We are releasing what we thought we were to make room for what we truly are; Love." 

- Kyle Cease

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