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ignite your self healing powers


Tapping balances the body's energy system. It provides a code to unlock nature's healing system within, to achieve emotional freedom from anxiety, trauma, stress, physical pain and many other negative emotional states of being.

​Our emotional blockages not only hold us back, but literally block the flow of healing energy.

Tapping works like acupuncture without the needles, stimulating the body's meridians to resolve problems with the emotional control system, which is the autonomic nervous system. It is a technique used for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional and physical distress and is successful with releasing the negative emotional states that create a stressful response.

We know that stress negatively impacts our health, our well being and our relationships. It is the number one thing that makes us age more rapidly, feel depressed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious and experience dis-ease. To sum it up... stress affects the quality and ultimately the length of our life. ​

Cortisol is our stress hormone.  When we're stressed, we produce it.  It's predictable and it's measurable.  Scientific research shows that Tapping successfully reduces cortisol levels in our body.

​Tapping on the same meridians that are used in acupuncture ignites our body's natural healing ability.  Our body desires to be in a state of balance and is designed to self regulate, release, restore and transform itself.  Every cell in our body is essentially programmed for health.

Check out this video! 

learn more about tapping and how to do it.

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